Which iPhone is best for me

Today, at Steve Jobs Studio, Apple launched 3 new iPhones named iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can be considered as the S versions of the earlier models of the series. ( iPhone 7 and 7 Plus)

And if you are confused in buying iPhone 7 or going for newly launched iPhones, we are here to help you figure this out.

Which iPhone should I buy?

Few features provided by Apple are model specific.

Like, iPhone 8 plus has got the dual cameras, meanwhile, 8 is powered by the single camera. And so on.

Plus models come with larger screens which are not preferred by a fairly large segment of Apple fans.

Let us discuss on few points and in the end, you will be able to figure out the best iPhone you should buy.

1) Budget

Money Matters! And Apple products come with a premium touch. Apple has reduced the cost of iPhone 7($549 32 GB model) and Plus model($669 32 GB model) with the launch of new models.

iPhone 8: Priced at $699 for 64 GB Model and $849 for 256 GB Model, comes in three colors- Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

iPhone 8 Plus: Priced at $799 for 64 GB Model and $949 for 256 GB, comes in same 3 colors.

So there is a rise of $100 for a larger piece of screen and one telescopic camera lens.

But the difference in price is massive for 7 and 8 models, making iPhone 7 as best choice if your budget is tight.

2) Design

iPhone 8/8+ doesn’t bring a major change in design. No doubt, glass look for wireless charging makes i8 beautiful but since mostly we keep our mobile phones in protective cases this will not make much difference.

iPhone X Look

PC: Cnet


The beautiful bezel-free display iPhone X is the best choice. Apple has completely revamped the design for X.


3) Things iPhone X can do but other iPhones can’t

Apple says iPhone X as the smartphone for the new generation and packed with few exclusive features that are not available in iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

  • OLED Display- This is the beauty of X. Apple is calling this the Super Retina HD display can produce much deeper blacks. While in LCD, those are kept on. The OLED display has a significantly higher contrast ratio of 10,00,000:1 versus 1,300:1 on the iPhone 8 Plus and 1,400:1 on the iPhone 8.
  • Battery Life- Lasts up to longer than 2 hours as compared to i7. Thanks to OLED Display for this. As turning off black pixels saves enormous battery.
  • WoWsome Images- X comes with Dual Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). Noted, that Samsung in Note 8 was first to provide OIS in both the cameras, but Apple also proved that it is no less than Samsung. OIS in both cameras means more stable and more awesome images.

  • FaceID- Your face is your password. Replaced by Touch ID, this is the innovation by Apple and they claim it to be secure even against the printouts and fake Hollywood masks. FaceID uses TrueDepth the advanced depth-sensing camera and powerful sensors housed at front panel.
  • Portrait Lightening with Front Camera- This is not available with earlier versions. iPhone X uses FaceID sensors and TrueDepth sensing to snap portrait photos from front cam and editing options to remove/darken the background are further features setting iPhone X apart from older iPhones.
  • Animoji- iPhone X uses the TrueDepth camera to read more than 50 different facial muscle movements to mirror your movements and expressions on 12 different Animoji (Animated emoji). Animoji is created within Message and your voice is also recorded. They play in a loop in the messages view, and when you click to open an Animoji, the voice recording will also be played.


4) Things other iPhones can do but iPhone X can’t

Good things come in small packages but iPhone X doesn’t come with few features used by Apple users.

  • TouchID- The most convenient touch for unlocking and authentication is now gone. If you are a fan of TouchID’s simplicity and quickness, iPhone X is not for you. FaceID can be annoying at sometimes as they require you to look at the device to unlock it.
  • Glittering Gold- All the glitters are not gold and Apple has removed Gold. iPhone X is available in Space Gray and Silver color options.
  • Old Protective Cases- iPhone 8 is just 0.01 inch (0.1 millimeter) taller, wider and thicker than the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 Plus is 0.01 inch (0.1 millimeter) taller and thicker than the iPhone 7 Plus. This makes almost 99% of the protective covers fit for respective iPhones but not for X. Small but valid point. 😉

5) Few More Features

New iPhones come with few notable changes.

  • Processing Chip- 8 Plus comes with A11 which also runs X so if you are not crazy for FaceID and you snap mostly steady images 8 plus can be your choice against X. Notable point here, 7 and 7 Plus runs on A10 which is just 25% slower than later one.
  • Emojis- Animoji hype may not last long. But Emoji are simple and lovely. Available in all iPhones. 😀
  • Camera- With dual OIS iPhone X had a powerful camera. But older iPhone camera is also impressive.
  • Wireless Charging- This is a much-required feature especially in a phone with one jack for both charging and earphones functions. All new iPhones launched have this.


Which iPhone is the best value for money- Conclusion

I already gave you many points to decide this. And upon mixed choices of prior requirements, you can choose the best iPhone to buy this time.

In a snapshot, look for the most prioritize point and choose your iPhone model accordingly.

Budget: No doubt, 7 is the best option here. We will observe even more price cut for 7 and 7 Plus.

Camera: All iPhones from 7 to X are brilliant shooters with a couple of features are added in laters. But 7 Plus can be a good choice here and X be the ultimate choice.

Performance: A11 is powerful and so predecessor A10. 7 and 7 Plus are so fast with unlocking and practically runs with zero lag. But Still, here you can bet for iPhone 8 for new chipset over 7/7 Plus as it integrates 3 core Graphics Processing Unit which is 30% faster than A10.

Design: For a Bezel-free design X is the ultimate winner here. But 8 and 8 Plus hard glass back look is also beauty.


What do you think? Shoot your comments, thoughts and the iPhone model name that you’ll buy.

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