6 Best iPhone tricks You should know

First iPhone was released by Apple on June 29,  2007. And now in 10 years, with due course of time, iPhone has changed a lot. You may still don’t know these iPhone tricks which are listed here.

1) Increase Free Space in iPhone

So a message pop up and say iPhone storage Full and you get frustrated by this.

Since iPhones come with limited storage. Space problem is common for all iPhone users around the globe. Get more storage on iPhone using these tricks.

Get Free Storage on iPhone by optimising Photo storage

Use this trick to free up space on iPhone using iCloud: Automatically Upload all your images to iCloud and just keep thumbnails in the Gallery. Whenever you require the image, iPhone will automatically download it for you in original quality.

To save images to iCloud automatically do these Steps:

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Navigate to Photos
  3. Turn On iCloud Photo Library
  4. Select Optimize iPhone Storage

auto save images in iCloud

This trick will save your phone with additional 5GB space. As on free plan. You can buy more iCloud space to free even more space using this trick.


Alternatively, You can use Storage+ to compress images without losing quality. This will leave your phone with more free space if you have lots of photos.

‎Storage Space Plus
‎Storage Space Plus
Developer: Leslie Janson
Price: Free

Storage+ will compress photos on iPhone without decreasing the quality. So you can save additional space using this free App.

Compress photos in iPhone 6s


2) How to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone Officially

A number of blacklisted Verizon, AT&T, and others, iPhones are sold on online marketplaces, so before buying any device you should check the device IMEI for any type of activity that resulted in iPhone IMEI got Blacklisted.

If you buy an iPhone with blacklisted IMEI, you cannot use that device in the blacklisted country. Also, you will not be able to change the mobile network partner. So this is crazy!

We have 2 tools to get you out of this. Or protect you from falling into this by getting iPhone off the blacklist.

Search IMEI for iPhone Blacklist check

1) To Search iPhone IMEI for Blacklist check, we recommend iPhone Unlock Zone. It cost from $49 to $169 depending on the carrier.

They provide 100% refund if IMEI is not traced.


2) We have one alternate for the same service, its Unlock Spector.  They Charge ~$ 25 for one IMEI

They also provide 100% refund if things don’t go as per plan.

Unblock Blacklisted iPhone Online

Unlock Blacklisted iPhone legally we recommend using the tool provided by iPhone Unlock Zone using which blacklisted iPhone can be unlocked in moments. From blacklisted iPhone 2G to the blacklisted iPhone X, all models can be unlocked by this tool.

unlock iphone IMEI online

You can unlock your blacklisted iPhone by choosing the options (Like model, Carrier, Locked condition Etc) and iPhone unlock Zone will provide you the cost of unlocking iPhone which is blacklisted. This is the best-blacklisted iPhone fix tool available Online


3) Wireless charging on iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7s, 7+, 7s+

The New iPhones launched has much awaited Wireless charging feature. But You can wireless charging on older iPhones using one small 3rd party Hardware which you can buy from Amazon as low as $15 which is just slightly higher than the price of 12 pack of beer.

add wireless charging to iPhone 7s

You just need to buy a Wireless charging receiver that will perform the rest.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/grid4]

Some Products Highlights:

  • Low cost
  • Compatible with All iPhones from iPhone 7S+ to iPhone 5
  • Works with All Wireless chargers
  • The premium chip inside supports the best possible charging solution through magnetic induction, without overheating or overcharging.
  • Easy to use, slim and so easily get into the mobile cover and remains unnoticeable
  • Comes with Moneyback guarantee

Don’t forget to buy a Qi-certified Wireless charger for this.


4) Print Web page articles Ad-free on iPhone

Ever wondered how to print web articles from iPhone/iPad without Ads? We have this an iPhone trick to do this easily for you.

PS: We do not want you to install any app for this.

Do these steps to print web-based articles on iPhone without Ads.

  1. Go to Safari, if you are using some other 3rd party browser
  2. Switch to reading mode
  3. Use Share option to look for print tool
  4. Select print tool to print the document


how to print from safari iPhone

This will remove ads when printing a document through iPhone/iPad. We hope you liked this iPhone trick.


5) Remove Notch on iPhone X

Most probably, you are not a big fane of that notch in iPhone X that houses the innovative technology in the 10th Anniversary iPhone.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the notch. And so Use this App to hide Notch from iPhone X.

Developer: Cromulent Labs
Price: Free+

remove-notch-from iphone-X

Due to limitations, This app will hide notch only on Homescreen and not on other Apps. This App comes with an In-App purchase of $1.99 to remove watermark from Wallpapers. Just too cheap for an iPhone X owner 🙂


6) Shutdown iPhone without Power Button

With this trick, you can turn Off iPhone if the power button is broken. This trick doesn’t require you to use Power or Lock screen button.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Hover to the end of the screen
  4. Click on the Shut Down Button
  5. iPhone will ask you to slide to Power Off


Turn off iPhone without lock button

Congrats, you have made it. Thank us Later for this.

Now, How to Turn On iPhone without Power Button? Its Simple, just plug your iPhone into charging and it will turn on. You do not need Lock/Power Button to do this. 🙂


Final Words

iPhone and iOS come with lots of surprises and hidden tricks.

So these were our Cool iPhone tricks that probably you didn’t know. We hope these iPhone tricks are helpful to you 😉

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