NordVPN Review-A VPN with Military grade Privacy

NordVPN is One of the top VPN services in the world that provides complete privacy. NordVPN is a VPN with no Logs policy. But that’s not the only story.

We, at TechKT, evaluated Nord VPN very closely to get the most out this popular VPN service. We have reviewed Nord VPN 360° and hope our readers will like it.

What is NordVPN

Nord VPN comprises Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. Nord started operation in 2012 by 4 Childhood friends with a vision to make internet open free from censorship, surveillance and more privacy.

And so now Nord VPN is serving more than 1 million users worldwide and has come up with a good reputation regarding privacy. NordVPN is one of the best free VPN for windows and is also available for Android smartphone and iPhone.

NordVPN Review

Team TechKT brought Nord VPN subscription to write a naked review of Nord VPN to make sure only real review comes to people of the internet. If we missed anything, just let us know via comments or on our Facebook or Twitter Profile.

Software installation

NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and has extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. We installed Nord VPN on Windows and used it for review along with Nord iOS Application.

Install Nord VPN like any other software. Download Nord VPN and run the executable file to get started.

But before this, you will require an account with Nord VPN. You can try free NordVPN trial for 3 days. NO Credit Card required for NordVPN trial. Upon successful installation, Log-in to the Nord VPN by the registered Email and password.

Nordvpn download

Nord VPN comes with an option to enable Ad block. This feature is known as CyberSec. You can toggle CyberSec anytime from settings.

NordVPN Speed Test

We checked NordVPN speed using and using different NordVPN servers around the globe to test NordVPN Speed. We have the reference internet connection as without VPN speed and one with Nord VPN.

Please see, there is an average speed reduction of 25% as the data travels through a secured server, And the connection speed also depends upon the server load.

NordVPN comes with more than 2400 servers, deployed across 55+ countries. Also, Nord Automatically connects to the server with minimum load to ensure best internet speed is available to the user. You can also choose the server you want to connect to.

NordVPN Speed in home location

VPN Speed in India

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN Speed in the United States

Nord VPN speed in US

With VPN

Without VPN

Pretty good for a Nine thousand mile long journey. Ping of 348ms and speed through VPN is reduced by 14% which is not bad for such long distance encrypted connection. Our Test network is throttled at 20 Mbps for better test results.

NordVPN Speed in the United Kingdom

NordVPN speed in UK

With VPN

Without VPN

Still good for a Six thousand mile long journey, You can see Ping is reduced and we see a dip 11.4% in speed as compared with No VPN connection. Our Test network is throttled at 20 Mbps for better test results.

NordVPN Speed in Switzerland

NordVPN Speed Test

With VPN

Without VPN


NordVPN Speed in Portugal

NordVPN speed in Europe

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN Speed in New Zealand

VPN Speed in New Zealand

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN Speed in Japan

VPN for japan

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN speed in Israeil

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN Speed in Germany

VPN for Europe

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN Speed in France

VPN Speed in France

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN speed in Finland

VPN Speed in Finland

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN speed in Canada

Fastest VPN in Canada

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN speed in Australia

NordVPN Speed in Australia

With VPN

Without VPN

NordVPN speed in Africa

VPN speed in Africa

With VPN

Without VPN

On the average, the drop was nearly 27%. Which is very healthy and obvious, since data travels through an encrypted channel of protection.

Further speed depends upon the server load and distance of server from your home country.

This clearly shows that NordVPN is not only secure and private but also super fast and Nord Claim that they do not throttle any connection, which seems true after all these VPN speed test results for different servers NordVPN is one fastest VPN in 2018.

This is definitely a reason why NordVPN is one of best free VPN software available online. You can get 3 days free trial of Nord VPN.

NordVPN Compatibility

Nord VPN is fully compatible with all modern Operating systems. NordVPN is available for:

  1. Windows- You can Download Nord VPN for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, 10, XP and all other Versions
  2. Mac- NordVPN supports all versions of Mac OS
  3. iOS– NordVPN for iOS is rated 4.6 out of 5. This is one of best VPN for iPhone available free on App Store
  4. Android– Nord VPN for Android phones and tablets supports all versions of Android OS
  5. Routers- For Smart home devices and IoT NordVPN integrated with routers to make sure all connections are secured and private
  6. Browser Extensions- NordVPN has free Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions for One Click VPN activation and De-Activation from the browser itself. This means you don’t even have to leave your browser for adding protection to your connection
  7. Consoles
Nord VPN
A No Log Policy VPN with Military grade Privacy
2.75 11.95

NordVPN Support

NordVPN comes with a lovely support team that is very active, smart and are eager to help users in all ways related to the Nord VPN. Nord VPN has a huge database of support documentation for DIY fix and also has an option to raise a ticket for expert support.

Nord VPN Support



NordVPN ticket support is average but in maximum cases, you won’t require to reach them as you will get everything from the vast pool of documentation.

NordVPN Support options include:

  1. Live Chat: Best for easy and troubleshoot queries that don’t require extreme expert opinion/help.
  2. Documentation: Easy to use, find and understandable material. Can be sometimes difficult to find the documentation for a query if you miss the correct keywords.
  3. Ticket Support: This is best for all Billing and related issues. Usually, NordVPN Support team replies within 24 hours.
  4. Contact Form: For queries which are less urgent. I didn’t the get the reason for these 2 modes. Ticket support and this contact form both typically reply in less than 24 hours.

With NordVPN Quick chat support, you can get the fix for any issue within minutes. Have a look at my experience with NordVPN Support live chat.

At 7:41, I pinged Nord VPN live chat for support regarding my query.

NordVPN support chat

On 7:42, that is, within 1 minute, NordVPN support executive (Will) joined the live chat for support regarding my query.

nordVPN support demo

At 7:44, Will started working on my query. With (probably) parallelly other chats.

nordVPN support demo

At 7:51, Will gave me the solution to my query with proper instructions in very easy to understand language. NordVPN Support executive took less than 10 minutes to close my query.

nordVPN support review

This is pretty impressive. With NordVPN Support live chat feature, you get your problem solved in less than 10 minutes.

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Access to Geo Restricted Content

With Nord VPN, you can access all the geo-restricted content in any country. whether Its China or the Middle East or North Korea. Wait, do you really want to travel to North Korea!

Using Nord VPN, you can stream all TV Shows viz. Netflix, BBC, CBS, Amazon Prime at full speed. You can easily see above in the speed section that NordVPN does not throttle any speed and allows you to browse the internet safely and privately without losing any privacy nor any user experience.

Access HBO NOW Outside the US

If you ever wondered How can I watch HBO outside the US? The very simple answer is, by using Nord VPN.

Nord VPN
Nord VPN review

Now use HBO NOW while traveling even if HBO NOW video not available in your region of travel. Nord VPN works perfectly for accessing HBO GO outside US.

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Unblock VEVO in your region

Unblock sites like Vevo and so many others blocked sites in your region. Vevo is a video site and Vevo is blocked in many countries. To unblock Vevo and other sites use VPN services like Nord VPN.

Enjoy the full speed and unlimited bandwidth with Nord VPN with staying anonymous.

VPN for P2P

Nord is a perfect VPN for P2P file sharing and torrenting. Nord VPN comes with dedicated servers especially only for the torrenting purpose.

Best VPN for torrenting Free

Even if torrenting is blocked in your region or by your ISP, Nord VPN will free you up and allow you to use P2P sharing and Torrenting. Nord VPN ensures to deliver the best Torrenting experience to all users by its huge ally of servers distributed worldwide.

Double VPN

If you wonder what is Double VPN? We have got you covered. Nord is a VPN with military grade protection. With Double VPN you get connected to your destination through two different VPN servers securely. With DoubleVPN, your identity is double protected and its ensured that you browse the internet safely.

Nord Double VPN is a very great tool for browsing the Dark websites and deep internet.

All your connection data is routed through 2 servers and so it enables 2 layers of protection to your privacy. In the above screenshot, you can see that Nord VPN has set of servers that provide double VPN for your connection.

Speed in Double VPN largely depends upon the choice of servers and the traffic load on them. As the data travels from your home location to the first country server then it routes to the second country server then it goes to the website host server. So all this process takes time and so you may experience latency in the network.

Double VPN

Your device VPN server 1 VPN server 2 Internet


This can be optimised to an extent with the selection of the selection of servers. We experienced a fair dip in the speeds and this was expected too.


NordVPN comes with Onion over VPN to provide you military-grade privacy. You can combine the anonymizing powers of the Tor and VPN to enjoy surfing Deep and dark websites. With Tor over VPN, Nord VPN makes sure all your data and privacy is in safe hands.

Normally, the Onion network can only be accessed with the Onion browser, but with NordVPN’s Onion Over VPN servers you don’t need to download Tor Browser.

Your computer VPN Tor Internet


App Kill Switch

In case, if VPN connection drops, then Nord automatically kills the apps listed in App Kill switch list. This ensures that Nord keep will keep your identity and privacy seriously protected.

This is a very important feature for all those who want to use VPN for visiting a dark website or deep websites.

NordVPN Refund Policy

Y0u will get 100% refund if you didn’t like the NordVPN service. All Nord virtual private network service plans come with 30 days money back policy. So you have nothing to lose on any side.

Remember: You can always take free NordVPN trial to make sure that you are putting your money in the safe product.

Just write a mail to [email protected] from registered Email id for a refund request. Your refund will be processed within 3-7 Business days. We used NordVPN for more than 2 months to write this review and we are pretty sure that you won’t need this. NordVPN is one of few best VPN software out there.

You can also buy Nord VPN with Bitcoins for better identity protection.

PS: NordVPN only refunds if 30 days have not passed from the first payment.

NordVPN Pricing

Nord VPN comes with a pricing structure which favors long-term buyers.

You can get NordVPN for $11.95/mo for the monthly plan. This plan is suitable for travelers traveling the different country.

For a long-term buyer, NordVPN pricing for annual plan is $5.75/mo that is billed $69 yearly.

Nord VPN has a 2-year plan also which comes with $3.29 monthly charge billed for 24 months. This is an economic plan and comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

And if you want NordVPN at, even more, cheap rates then you can opt for the Special 3-year plan that comes at $2.75 monthly bill for 36 months.

Buy this Deal

Billed at $99. This deals costs $33/year

  • Monthly Plan

    $11.31 /month

    • Best VPN Plan for travelers
    • Access to 2500+ servers worldwide
    • No logs policy
    • Access Geo-restricted content anywhere
    • Connect 6 devices at the same time
    • High-speed; unlimited bandwidth

  • 1 Year Plan

    $5.75 /month

    • SAVE 52%. Billed at $69 for 1 year
    • Access to 2500+ servers worldwide
    • No logs policy
    • Access Geo-restricted content anywhere
    • Connect 6 devices with one account
    • High-speed with unlimited bandwidth
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Nord VPN


Ease Of Use









  • Panama Based. So legally capable of keeping the No-Logs policy
  • Best Virtual Private Network software for Privacy
  • Superb Internet speed powered by 2500+ servers across the globe
  • Leak safe Technology to keep you and your privacy safe


  • No clear picture of the company background
  • No individual claims the top position (CEO, CTO, COO) of the company
  • No clue who is running the business
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