Photo Editing Apps for taking photos to next level

Selfies? You Instagram, and you share the same on Facebook too. We all know, no one is perfect in this world. And in today’s world of remarkable technology with so many photo editing apps available around for smartphones, you don’t need to put on heavy makeup for snapping a random click or a posed photo.

Today we have a bunch of awesome photo editing apps for selfies to turn a dull image into an excellent candid shot.

Here in this post, I will not talk about the phones with an awesome camera, I’ll talking about applications for taking your photos to the next level.

Best Photo Editors for Android and iPhone

Below are the best photo editing apps to take your image to the next level. I presume you have already snapped a photo and as next step, you’re moving towards editing it with awesome effects.

1) Camera+

Camera+ is favorite camera app of all times. All the images taken from Camera+ goes to an innovative space named Light-box, and from Light-box you can keep the best shot and discard the ones you don’t want. Light-box saves my gallery from the flood of images.

Camera+ manages your photo editing needs very powerfully and innovatively. The tools are straightforward to use, with just a few taps you get an excellent photo. You can import old clicks to Light-box to edit them with Camera+.

PC: Apple App Store

30 Powerful filters are available to rock your photo in just one tap.

For a geek like me, Camera+ provides detailed image information like ISO, Focal length Etc but the best part is “Clarity” feature that makes me like this app. Scroll to video and see camera+ in action.

Get it on iTunes

Camera+ is compatible with Apple smartwatch. You can set a timer for click using the watch. Unfortunately, Camera+ is not available for Android devices.

2) Hipstamatic

The oldest third-party camera, available only for iOS users. Hipstamatic has massive options of filters and presets to choose from on the go. You can use this app for taking photos in auto mode. Manual modes added in this app results in enhanced user experience.

See the preset effect in real-time. Every couple of weeks, new lenses (presets) are launched, you can keep trying new presets without feeling bored with this app.

PC: Apple App Store.

Hipstamatic is available in 15 languages and has the in-app purchase of presets ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 for filters.

We’ll update here when Hipstamatic for Android is available. Stay tuned.

Get Hipstamatic

3) Musecam

This is an awesome photo editing app designed by the professional team of photographers. Musecam is extremely easy going app loaded with preset filters.

Not only this, it allows you complete customization for your photography experience. Manual focus mode for focusing the right object. ISO settings for perfect light and shutter control.

PC: Apple App Store

Musecam offers paid bundles from $1.99 to $5.99. In the free version, Musecam has 13 colored filters and 8 Black & White effect filters to choose. Currently, Musecam is available on iOS only. Keep checking this page for an update on the Android version.

get MuseCam for iPhone

4) YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best app for selfies and editing photos. It has amazing filters which beautify you in the blink of an eye.

YouCam has all photo editing features required to make you a social media ninja. Be your vacation outing or team dinner YouCam can adjust on its own providing the best shot. This app supports 15+ languages.

PC: Apple App Store

  • Automatically eliminates dry patches, lines, and spots from the skin in few touches
  • Real-time Auto beautification
  • 20+ filters to choose
  • Virtual Makeup feature to put shades, lipstick powered by strong virtual cosmetics and shows in real-time
  • Reshape feature to reconstruct your lips, nose, face, body shape Etc on the go
  • Detects everyone in the group and makes them all beautiful, no one’s left out!

Available for Android and iOS.

YouCam for iPhone Get YouCam for Android


This is a very simple to use and light app for editing photos and videos on the go. Picktail beautifies in real-time with its smart algorithm.

It takes photos and unlimited long videos with amazing filters at full-screen 3:4,1:1 ratio. Similar to Camera+, Picktail also allows you to edit pictures from gallery. PICKTAIL is crowned as one of the best photo editing app for Samsung phones.

PC: Google Play Store

Get PICTAIL for Android

These are our picks for the best photo editing applications for Apple iPhone and Android phones. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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