Best Power bank to buy in 2018

It HITS you like a TON of BRICKS when you are traveling, and your phone is battery dead. With everyday life moving to mobile devices and IoT is arising our need for the portable energy source or a handy Powerbank is increasing. Whether you work or you play games, you require power for your device.

Although we have 4000+ mAH battery equipped mobiles, still, they don’t last long when you play HD Games, or you watch videos/movie.

Things to check before buying a Powerbank

I have heard cases in which people purchase cheap power bank for $10, and it damages the device of $600. Don’t be a loser! See these things before buying a power bank:

  • mAH Rating: This is a cost deciding factor. Today’s market 10000mAH power banks and 20000mAH power banks are the ones in trend. mAH rating defines the number of times Powerbank can charge your device depending on your device battery mAH rating.

For example, you own a mobile of 2500 mAH battery, and so, the power bank of 20000 mAH can charge your phone 8 times for one full charge. Also, as you go higher with the mAH rating, the power bank becomes heavy and bulky, so this needs to keep in mind before buying a Power bank.

  • The Number of Charging Ports: This helps you to charge more than one device simultaneously. 10000 mAH Powerbanks come with one port, and 20000 mAH comes with 2 or 3 charging ports.

If you have more than one devices to charge at the same time, then you can search for 2 or 3 charging ports Portable Battery.

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  • Output Ratings: This is a significant thing to be taken care. The usual range of output is 1 A- 2.1 A with 5-7 Volts. For fast charging, these need to be on higher side, but, not high enough to damage your devices’ sensitive chip-sets.

Good Powerbanks come with output controllers so that you can charge your Bluetooth devices (requires 0.06 A) smart bands/watches (requires 0.025 A) and sure thing smartphones (1 to 2.1 A) so naturally, it’s evident that you don’t want to buy two separate PowerBank for different accessories.

  • Charging Time: The time required to charge the Powerbank fully.

The charging time should be little, as possible. On average, the charging time for a power bank is 6 hours. In the night you can re-charge the Powerbank so that that next working day use can use the same.

  • Battery Used: Powerbank is a battery connected to a resource regulating chip. These chips control output current according to devices’ battery charging status. But the battery manufacturer needs to be of good origin.

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Cheap Powerbank loaded with Chinese batteries results in poor performance and elevated risks of damaging the device. Or even in some cases, the Powerbank burst out, resulting in casualty. Our compiled list has Powerbanks with good quality battery.

  • Compatibility: Few smartphones act weird when connected to an incompatible charging source, mainly the touchscreen doesn’t work correctly. Thanks to our review panel, all those notorious Powerbanks are eliminated.

Best Picks for Powerbanks in 2017

These listed Portable chargers are best for all tech devices. You can click the Buy button to buy in your local currency.

8) RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger

This 22000mah power bank comes with 3 Ports. With a maximum output of 2.4A. On a full charge your Apple iPhone 7 for approximately 8 times, Apple iPhone 7 plus more than 5 times, iPhone 6s 9 times, Samsung Galaxy S7 for 5 times and an iPad Mini for more than 3 times.

This device comes with iSmart 2.0, which adjusts output current and voltage according to the connected device making this brand as the best power bank brand for iPhone.

RAV Power Portable charger comes with a fire-resistant outer shell. All these features made RAVPower score a position on our list. This best power bank for iPhone rated by our readers.

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7) Jackery Titan 20100mAh Portable Charger Battery

This 20100mah power bank comes with 2 High-Speed Charging Ports. With a maximum output of 3.4A each. On a full charge your Samsung S8+ for approximately 5.5 times, Apple iPhone 7 plus more than 6 times, iPhone 6s 9 times, Samsung Galaxy S7 for 5.5 times.

This device comes with 4 layers of safety protection making it a safe bet and so gets a place in our best power banks picks.

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6) PNY AD5200

Tiny yet effective! This PNY Powerbank is 5200mAH with the 2.4A output. AD5200 is sufficient to charge your smartphone twice for an almost complete day!

PNY Powerbank comes with sleek design making it easy for you to keep it in purse, handbag or Pocket. PNY is the best Powerbank brand for Samsung phones as rated by our team.

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5) Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 2 Portable Battery Charger

More than 50,000,000 units are sold in past three years. Mi 10000mAH powered comes with 93% conversion rate and has the best chipset to optimize charging and discharging plus it protects all your smart devices.

It has one charging port that comes with 18W output, making it able to charge laptops too!
A double anodized aluminum case, and stronger surface resistant to daily wear, and corrosion makes Mi Power Bank own this position in the list.
Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh is the best Power bank brand in India so far.

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4) Zhicity 10,000mAh External Battery

Ergonomically designed, comes with 360 degrees security protection preventing your devices from overcharging, over-current and short-circuits. Ideal for all of your smart devices, equipped with 2 charging ports of 2.1A and 1A respectively. Also, it has got 4 LED indicators for charge left in PowerBank.

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3) Outdoor Tech OT2700 Kodiak Mini 2.0 portable battery

OT2700 Kodiak Mini 2.0 is a Waterproof PowerBank. Yes! It is. Also, this is madly portable. It can easily be kept in your skinny jeans pockets.
This 2600 mAH Power Bank is equipped with 1 charging port and LED for indicating the remaining power. Outdoor Tech Comes with 5 LED Torchlight with the dual lumen rating of 100 and 65.

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2) Tylt ENERGI 5K Powerbank

Handsome, ergonomic, slim enough to slip into your pockets, handbags, and briefcase, packed with 5200mAH. Comes with inbuilt Lightning and Micro USB cable allowing you to charge two phones at a time. Also, comes with USB port so overall you can charge multiple devices using this power bank.

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1) MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Ports External Battery for Laptop, mobiles, tab

MAXOAK is a 50000mAH Powerbank capable of charging all mobiles for more than an average of 15 times. Also, it charges all major brands laptops. But this is a giant of 1.35kg or 2.7 Pound weight and so can’t be carried everywhere just like our above other best picks.

But Still MaxOak bags the trophy as it has 6 charging ports of 4 USB points and 2 DC out-ports with 1 port of 20V/3A for Laptops,

One of 12V/2.5A for Digital Cameras, 2 USB ports of 5V/2.1A and 2 ports of 5V/1A making it capable of charging 4 smartphones, 1 camera, and 1 Laptop simultaneously.

It comes with the best technology auto shut off when there is overcharge condition thus all your tech devices are safe.

MaxOak is built with 6 Safety protections and ensures the charge cycle of more than 1000 times making it a right power bank for Laptop you can buy.

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BONUS: Powerbanks for Gift

We have added two more power bank for gifting to people you care. These are extremely good with performance and are eye catchy.

1) Power Fur Pom Fashion Accessory Powerbank 2000 mAH

Power Fur Pom is a fuzzy ball of energy perfect gift for your bae. 2000 mAH to charge any dying smartphone to more than half capacity.

Fur material is Faux Fur which is suitable for the everyday purpose. With the input of 5V 1000 mA and Output of 5V 800 mA, this Power Fur Pom Powerbank charge the smartphone with moderate speed.

Power Fur Pom Powerbank has charging time of 4-6 hours.

It comes in 4 colors White Ivory, Pink Lemonade, Blue Peacock and Red Wine, with 1 USB/Lightning charging cable.

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2) Pokemon GO Powerbank 10000mAh External Battery Charger

Pokemon are delightful, and teens are the fan of them, and Pokemon Go Powerbank is a good gifting option.

Made of high-quality materials, 10000mAh Charger juices up your devices’ batteries efficiently. Built-in white LED Light indicators suits for dark or low-light environments. This power bank is equipped with a chain for holding, so you are safe while catching your favorite Pokemon

Smart Output ensures device protection from Short-circuit and Over-current. Pokemon Go PowerBank requires 8 hours for full charging and has Input of DC 5V / 1.5A and Output of DC 5V / 1.5A. Micro USB Charge Cable is included in the package.

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Do comment us about your experience with above ones, or if you think, a good one is missed out, just say below, we’ll love to review the same.

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