Free Apps and Tools to skyrocket your English

English is the language in the Air! It is the Official language for Aeronautical and Maritime communications. But has an upper hand in the field of Engineering & Technology, Marketing, IT and others as well.

It will get you a job easily in these fields. English is spoken as the second language by over 200 Million people around the world and is the official language of 53 countries.

Best tools for english


Good command over English coupled with some presentation skill can land you in a very good job in the field of Engineering, Technology, IT, Marketing and lots of other reputed fields.

English is compulsory for important exams around the world that includes GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, GATE, and others. Cracking these exams can open your doors to get admission in any of your dream colleges in developed countries.How to learn english for free

Tools to Improve English Communication

Today we have free tools to improve English learning and speaking skills quickly at home by just spending some time on Laptop.

We have covered all the mode of communication through English.

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement program checks more than 250 grammar rules. It is a quick and easy to use tool that makes you a better writer and makes you sound like a pro.

free Grammar tool for Windows

Grammarly is best grammar tool to for MS Office. Sign up for Grammarly and install Grammarly extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and MS Office.

  • Easy to use
  • Choose from US English, Australian English, Canadian English and British English
  • Integrates with MS Office, Gmail, And all other Email service providers
  • Directly on the go Synonyms. Just double click the word and the list of synonyms will appear
  • Spell check and Article check, comma errors, weak Adjectives on the go
  • Add words to personal dictionary
  • Freemium tool- Free for personal use
  • For advance grammar, you can buy professional at $11.66/mo

free Microsoft Office grammar tool

Go to Grammarly

FREE Sign up and install Grammarly tools to get started with Grammar for MS Office, Email, and all other typing applications. Write Confidently Everywhere. Write like a PRO.

Grammarly launched Grammarly Keyboard for iOS to improve grammar and suggestion in iMessages, Tweets and lots of other places. Download Grammarly Keyboard for iOS

Go to Grammarly


2) Power Thesaurus

It is a free, fast, comprehensive and easy to follow and best free online thesaurus dictionary for writers.

best thesaurus tool

A thesaurus is useful for providing words that are connected with other similar words. In different situations, the same idea might be most effectively expressed by a different word. A thesaurus helps you make the right choice among the available ones on the go.

  • Look for the thesaurus for sounding pro
  • Available in Chrome through Extension
  • Huge database of words, you will get one of your choices for sure
  • You can Practise pronunciation easily with this tool. For every word, its definition and pronunciation are included
  • Filter suggestions according to part of speech
  • Excellent to improve English as a tool of communication by adding synonyms and antonyms including the word pronunciation
  • Needs internet connection for working

Get Power Thesaurus Google Chrome Extension

Improve English Online free



3) Vocabla

This is the Best app for English learners available cross-platform. You can easily learn 10 new words each day at Vocabla.

  • Collect all words at one place, so in front of Eyes, inside the mind. You remember easily what you learned yesterday
  • Chat with people in English. Although many individuals are good in chatting but lack other modes, still this is a good way to get even better and learn new stuff
  • You can add your friends, even your teacher, for a collaborative learning
  • PRO Plan for sounds and Writing Tests
  • Android and iOS Apps are available. Google Chrome Extensions for a better experience on the computer.

improve english apps on android

Vocabla is very good English learning tool especially for individuals preparing for GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.

Download Vocable iOS, Android App and Google Chrome Extension from below:

  • Vocable for iOS
  • Vocabla for Android
  • Vocabla for Google Chrome
Vocabla: English vocabulary
Vocabla: English vocabulary
Price: Free+

Vocabla: Vocabulary App
Vocabla: Vocabulary App
Price: Free


4) Quizlet- Take English Quizzes

Improve your grades by studying with flashcards, games and more. A quiz is a very good way to learn and remember learnings.

Create a study set of material you need to practice(For example GRE or TOEFL or IELTS or any other, make according to your goal) and master, set the time when you need to learn it by, and Quizlet will kick-start your studying with an adaptive study plan and notifications that remind you when it’s time to focus

  • Simple tools for learning
  • See how you’re improving, get gentle reminders to study, and make progress with short, actionable study sessions
  • Collaborative classroom game for learning with fun. More fast learning with a teammate, rather than solo learning
  • Mobile Apps for on the go learnings

Go To Quizlet. Download Quizlet mobile Apps

  • Quizlet for iOS
  • Quizlet for Android
‎Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards
‎Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards
Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards
Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards


5) UsingEnglish Quizzes

Using English has more than 500 English Language quiz covering Vocabulary, grammar, usage and more

Check UsingEnglish Quiz


6) TuneIn Radio

Last, Listen to English songs and try to understand and learn the lyrics. This helps a lot since you learn the flow, pronunciation and listening capability.

Listen radio online in English

Download TuneIn Radio Mobile Apps

  • TuneIn for iOS
  • TuneIn for Android
  • TuneIn for Windows Mobile
‎TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports
‎TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports
Developer: TuneIn
Price: Free+
TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports
TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports
Developer: TuneIn Inc
Price: Free

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio
Developer: TuneIn
Price: Free

TuneIn to this free radio. 100,000+ stations, 5.7 Million Podcasts to choose from sports, music, talk & news radio from around the world.


7) Improve English Speaking by speaking24

Speaking is the most vital mode of communication, and you require confidence to speak English properly without doing any grammatical mistakes.

This comes only when you practice and communicate more and more frequently in English. You cannot master this in one night or just by improving typing and text chatting skills.

If you wonder how to improve English speaking skills quickly at home without any English speaking partner, then Speaking24 can help you.


Head up to and enter your details. Name, age, goal, Country Etc. Specify the mode of contact and get started with fluent English speaking.


Final Words

Master English with these apps and tools and achieve your target successfully.

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